June 3-6 | Philadelphia, PA

Eligibility and Award Requirements
  • Company must have operations in Wisconsin. 
  • Application should be submitted by a company executive.
  • Companies are limited to apply for up to 2 scholarships. More scholarships may be available however.
  • Companies may also apply for exhibit space at BIO 2019. Please contact bmoeller@bioforward.org after submitting your application if interested.
  • Company must complete registration requirements and participate in One-on-One Partnering
  • This is a pre-purchased Partnering Pass.  Small Business Scholarship funding is provided through the support of the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation and is a benefit of BioForward membership.  A dollar match will need to be provided to BioForward for this grant.
  • Proof of payment for matching expenses will be required. If your organization has concerns about providing proof of payment, either through expense reports, credit card statements, or front and back of a canceled check please contact bmoeller@bioforward.org prior to submitting the application
  • If your company is selected for a scholarship, BioForward will provide a promo code to register at a rate of $0. Please confirm to BioForward that you registered for the conference by sending registration receipts to bmoeller@bioforward.org.  We have done away with the confirmation fees in an attempt to streamline the process, so your help is appreciated!
Preference will be given to:
  • Companies exhibiting a solid technology, strategic approach to participation at BIO 2019, and financial need.
  • Companies with less than 100 employees.
  • BioForward members
  • Scholarships will be awarded to a company.  Each company is eligible for up to two scholarships. If you'd like to apply for an additional scholarship please select 'yes' when asked about interest in a second pass, which will allow you to apply for an additional scholarship.
Key Dates
  • Scholarship Application Deadline:  April 5, 2019
  • Scholarship Awards Announced:  April 12, 2019
  • Proof of Registration, Attendance, and Proof of Payment for Matching Expenses to BioForward:  June 14, 2019

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