Greetings. The Council for Children with Long Term Support Needs is eager to learn from families who use Medicaid to support their children with disabilities and special health care needs. The Council is advisory to the Wisconsin Department of Health Services (DHS). As you may know, DHS must identify over $500 million in savings to balance Wisconsin’s Medicaid budget. The Council made the commitment to DHS Secretary Dennis Smith that we would collect ideas on efficiencies and cost-savings, while improving overall consumer care, streamlining program delivery, and stabilizing the Medicaid program to ensure long-term sustainability.

You are invited to complete this short survey, which is looking for your suggestions on Medicaid cost savings, program efficiencies, and improved outcomes for participants. This should only take a short amount of time and your input is invaluable.

Thank you so much for your participation. A summary of collected suggestions will be posted on the Family Voices of Wisconsin website .

1. Please identify suggestions you have for reducing costs in the Medicaid program. For example, a cost-savings measure might be to purchase disposable medical supplies, such as diapers, from a store in your community, rather than having to go through a medical supply provider in another community or state. Please provide as much detail and analysis of your suggestions as you can.

2. Please identify suggestions you have for creating program efficiencies in the Medicaid program. An example of this might be a “single point of entry” for determining a child’s eligibility for such programs as Medicaid, Katie Beckett, the Children’s Long Term Support Medicaid Waiver and the Family Support Program.

3. Please identify suggestions you have for improving health and safety outcomes for your child or youth with services paid for by the Medicaid card or the Children’s Long Term Support Waiver. An example of this would be to explore strategies to increase flexibility in what can be purchased with Medicaid funding to for example allow purchase of a multi-use IPod for communication in lieu of a more costly single use device. Please provide as much detail and analysis of your suggestions as you can.

4. What county do you live in?

5. Please select the age range for your child/youth that is covered by Medicaid. If you have more than one child/youth who is covered by Medicaid, select all age ranges that apply.

6. Please tell us about yourself (please check all that apply):