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Dear Jerusalem Friend,

Thank you for taking the time, we do appreciate it!

In a few months time, a new website for the city of Jerusalem will be launched, "Jerusalem.com". The Website will allow millions of believers worldwide to become a part of the religious, historic and cultural richness Jerusalem , the world's holiest city.

The website will serve as a pathway to spiritual and emotional connection to the city, and will enable its users to take active part in the creation of a "Virtual Jerusalem".

So that we may develop the services and tools within the website in the most fitting manner, suited to your aspirations and needs, we would be very grateful if you could spare a few minutes of your time and answer the following short questionnaire.

As our first partners in building a Virtual Jerusalem, we will be happy to offer you an invitation and a 30 day free trial bonus once the website is launched.

We guarantee all information collected will serve exclusively for our internal research and development purposes; no information will ever be passed on to a third party.

Thank you again for taking this time to assist us.

Ask for the peace of Jerusalem!

The Jerusalem.com team

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