To better track the progress of our partnership with your organization we would love if you could take 5-10 minutes to provide us with some basic data on your ABSF funded programs. This information is intended to guide us in how to best support you and highlight the impact of your work and the distribution of ABSF funds.

So that we can accurately identify our direct impact on the growth of your organization please respond to each item specifically related to the grant distributed by ABSF and not your organization as a whole. Due to the diversity of the organizations we work with, some of the questions may not fit perfectly to the mission of your program. Please do your best to answer each question as it applies.

* 1. How many individual entrepreneurs were supported as a result of ABSF funding?

* 2. How many girls/women are being trained in leadership and/or business/entrepreneurship concepts?

* 3. How many new businesses were created as a result of ABSF funding? 

* 4. How many existing businesses benefitted from ABSF funding?

* 5. How many additional people were employed by either a new or existing business that benefited from ABSF funding?

* 6. If your organization provides additional education/training beyond what has been covered in this survey, please specify (i.e. mentoring, literacy, health/reproductive/hygiene, etc).

* 7. Please highlight an example of how an entrepreneur or business supported by ABSF funding has made an impact at the family and community levels.

* 8. (Skip this question if you've already answered it in your reporting) Please use this space to provide us with any additional information about  the impact ABSF funding has had on your organization. If you have any feedback or ideas to increase the impact of our limited funding please use this space to share them with us. Please include your name and the name of your organization.
Thank you!