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* 1. Who are you? ("The 20-something writer who is just getting by" "The 30-year old Spanish tutor who works virtually," etc.)

* 2. Give us a brief idea of what your day might look like, so we can see what you'd write about. Describe problems you encounter, successes and failures you've had, and what your lifestyle is like.

E.g. "My client wasn't paying so I did this," "I pitched a new client yesterday and blew them away with this presentation," "I woke up at noon and went to the coffee shop to start writing."

* 3. Would you commit to recording your experiences as a freelancer for a full 7-day period?

* 4. Would you be willing to be featured in an upcoming I Will Teach blog post or product? (You MIGHT be anonymous).

* 5. Tell us about yourself.