* 1. Do you feel that your child receives a varied Physical Education
programme ?

* 2. Does your child enjoy PE ?

* 3. Do you think that you get enough information about your child's progress in PE ?

* 4. Does your child enjoy Active Homework ? 

* 5. Do you think the active breaks that we organise between lessons
{ Go Noodle ,Wake up Shake Up etc } are of benefit to your child ?

* 6. Does your child enjoy break times in the yard ?

* 7. Did you know we have a system of Playground Leaders in our school ,
whereby pupils older pupils are trained to organise physical activity for
the juniors ?

* 8. Do you think that we provide a playground environment that encourages your child to be active during breaktime ?

* 9. How many minutes per day do you think your child should be active ?

* 10. Please list the names of any sports /physical activity clubs that your child belongs to in the local area ?