Your input is very helpful for us in gauging our successes, making improvements to services, and assessing visitor satisfaction with our park. With your help, we can make a visit to Montgomery Zoo an even better experience for you.


* 1. How did you find out about Montgomery Zoo?

* 2. Are you a Montgomery Zoo member, or member of another zoo?

* 3. Are you a resident of the city of Montgomery?

* 4. How often did you visit the Montgomery Zoo during the past year?

* 5. What special event(s) at the Montgomery Zoo did you attend during the past year?

* 6. What is your primary reason for visiting the Montgomery Zoo?

* 7. What is your favorite ride or attraction at the Montgomery Zoo?

* 8. What realm at the Montgomery Zoo do you like the most?

* 9. Who is the primary decision maker for planning family activities?

* 10. When making family activity plans, what type of things do you consider?