Dear WHS Community,

As part of the reorganization of Wellesley High School into a House model, we are in the process of creating names for each House. From the beginning we have had a desire to connect the names of the houses with the rich history of the Wellesley Public Schools. We'd like to thank the Wellesley Historical Society's web resources and Joshua Dorin for their contributions to our knowledge and thinking. We have come to the careful conclusion that naming each house after a former Wellesley School is an appropriate tribute. The following names have been recommended:

Bradford House - Gamaliel Bradford was the Wellesley Historian for whom the 1938 Rice St. Wellesley High School was named.

Brown House - Seldon Brown was the Principal of Wellesley High School from 1886 to 1916. The former Brown Elementary School was named in his recognition.

Cameron/Jennings House - Charlotte E. Cameron and Julia Frances Jennings were the first female co-principals of WHS from 1874-1876.

Kingsbury House - L. Allen Kingsbury owned the land on Seaver St. for whom the Kingsbury Elementary School was named in 1924.

Perrin House - Marshall Perrin was the first Superintendent of Schools from 1893 to 1909. The former Perrin Elementary School was named in his recognition.

Phillips House - Alice L. Phillips was the principal of the first Junior High School 1911. The former Phillips Elementary School was named in her recognition.

Shaw House - John W. Shaw was a town official for whom The Shaw School (no longer existing) was named in 1875. The Shaw School was formerly West Needham High School.

Knowing that the selected names will become a lasting part of the tradition of Wellesley High School we are interested in the participation of the school community in the naming of these Houses. Please help us name the new Houses within Wellesley High School by choosing 3 names from the options below. The selection process will be open until August 4th. After these results are in we will send our recommendation to the School Committee for a final decision and the selected names will be announced in a future back-to-school communication. Your voice in this matter is greatly valued and appreciated!

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