* 1. Name of Market

* 2. Mailing Address

* 3. Market Manager Info

* 4. FMNCP Primary Contact (if not the market manager)

* 5. FMNCP Secondary Contact

* 6. Please describe your vendor mix by providing the (average) number of:

* 7. Below, are the conditions we require for a farmers' market to participate in the FMNCP program. Please check all that apply to your market.

* 8. Please check all expectations that your farmers' market can meet for this Program.

* 9. Please describe the ways shoppers can get to your market, other than driving. Also, please detail any transportation obstacles that exist at your market.

* 10. Farmers' markets can play a role in food literacy and food skills. Please detail any food skills or literacy support that occur at your market (i.e.: workshops, demos, orientations, etc.).

* 11. Which community organization(s) will you partner with for the FMNCP?

* 12. The FMNCP is stronger in a community when the farmers' market and the community partner coordinate, collaborate, communicate and work together. Please describe how you will work together to make the program successful.

* 13. For farmers' markets who receive honorariums, you have the option to convert those funds into more coupons for your community.

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