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Part 1: Pelvic Pain Impact Questionnaire
For each of the following 8 questions, click the circle that best indicates how much your pelvic pain has affected these aspects of your life during the past month. Your answers to these questions can then be summed to give you a final score.

Chalmers, K. J., Catley, M. J., Evans, S. F., & Moseley, G. L. (2017). Clinical assessment of the impact of pelvic pain on women. Pain, 15
In the past month, how much has your pelvic pain affected your:
If the following 2 questions do not apply to you, please select 'This does not apply to me'. These questions will not be added to your summed score.

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* 12. Please list 1-3 activities in your life that you have difficulty doing or can no longer do because of your condition, and would dearly like to return to: