Beginning with the 2022-23 school year, E.E. Waddell (Waddell) HS will reopen as a magnet high school.  In June or July 2021, the superintendent will make a recommendation to the Board regarding the school's magnet program(s) and transportation zone.  To inform his recommendation, please share your feedback related to two scenarios currently under consideration for the E.E. Waddell HS.  Materials from the May information session, including a video of the May 18 engagement session and presentation slides, may be found here:  CMS Planning Services

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* 1. Please indicate the high school attendance area in which you reside.  

If you are unsure of your high school attendance area, you may refer to the HS Attendance Area Map or the Non-Magnet School Feeder Chart.

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* 2. Do you have a student enrolled for the 2020-21 school year in one of the programs below?

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* 3. Please rate the extent to which the Cambridge magnet themes appeals to you.  

- Flexible and academically rigorous curriculum that emphasizes critical-thinking skills and inquiry-based learning while fostering student creativity and engagement.

- Students may take courses toward a Cambridge International Diploma, or focus on courses within a particular area of interest

- More than 470 colleges and universities across the United States recognize Cambridge exams for credit, placement and admissions, which is an added bonus for our students who are college-bound

- Cambridge develops learner knowledge, understanding and skills in:
     -Subject content
     -Applying knowledge and understanding to new as well as familiar              situations
     -Intellectual enquiry
     -Flexibility and responsiveness to change
     -Influencing outcomes
     -Cultural awareness

-Wide range of courses offered, including world languages and STEM-related courses

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* 4. Please rate the extent to which STEM / Career & Technical Education theme appeals to you.  

- CMS offers multiple Career & Technical Education (CTE) pathways aligned to industry credentials as well as 2- and 4-year degree programs; several pathways offer articulated credit with CPCC.

- CTE pathways are a 4-5 course sequences where the 4th and/or 5th course are often Advanced Placement (AP) or dual enrollment (with CPCC) courses.

- Students learn in hands-on and project-based environments. Work-based learning opportunities, such as employer site visits and internships, are a key component of each pathway.

- Pathways under consideration for Waddell include
     - App Development & Web Design
     - Digital Marketing
     - Biomedical Science
     - Architecture & Engineering

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* 5. Please rate the extent to which the World Languages magnet theme appeals to you.  

- Languages offered include Chinese, French, German, Japanese and Spanish

- In addition to language study, students engage in learning about the history and culture of the countries and people who speak these languages

- Students who continue from green and blue transportation zone K-8 language programs may enter already having earned high school credit for languages
- Other students may be new to language study and begin their journey at 9th grade

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* 6. Two scenarios are being considered for Waddell.  In each, the school is a full magnet high school with all seats assigned via the school choice lottery. 

Scenario 1 – Waddell houses two magnet programs, each with up to 800 students

Scenario 2 – Waddell house three magnet programs, each with up to 550 - 600 students

 Programs Under Consideration

•Cambridge International 
    - STEM programs would provide continuation for students who attend Kennedy STEM Middle and Rea Farms STEAM K-8
•World Languages
    - The world languages magnet would provide continuation for students who attend K-8 language programs in the Blue and Green transportation zones.

Please share your preference for the scenarios above.

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* 7. Placing the world languages magnet at E.E. Waddell would neccessarily mean moving it from its current location at South Mecklenburg High School.  Please select the response below which most describes your response to this move.  

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* 8. About which topics would you want to be most assured if the world languages magnet moved from South Mecklenburg HS to the new E.E. Waddell HS.