1. Survey purpose and overview

The purpose of this mapping tool is to gather information on existing sexual and reproductive health (SRH) services and programs within the southern metropolitan region (SMR). The mapping tool will help identify any emerging issues and unmet SRH gaps in the community. It will highlight potential opportunities that are available for collaboration and improvements for addressing SRH, and it will strengthen regional action planning to inform the development of a regional SRH strategy. 

- To map the SRH services and programs within the SMR;
- To determine gaps and barriers that exist in the delivery and accessibility of these services and programs;
- To identify opportunities to build capacity of organisations to meet the SRH needs of women within the region;
- To strengthen collective action and planning within the region regarding SRH

If you have any questions regarding this mapping tool please contact Kimberly Batsas-Hill, Health Promotion Officer on 9794 8677 or kbatsas-hill@whise.org.au 

* 1. Organisational Overview

* 2. What type of sexual and reproductive health programs or services does your organisation provide?

* 3. If you previously specified that your organisation provides contraception, please specify which type you provide below

* 4. Have you identified an increase or decrease in the following needs from your clients over the last year?

* 5. Have you identified any unmet sexual and reproductive health needs from your clients over the last year?

* 6. Is your organisation able to appropriately provide sexual and reproductive health services for these emerging or unmet needs?

* 7. What do you feel your agency or staff need to be able to adequately address the sexual and reproductive health needs of your clients?

* 8. Do you feel that you have a strong understanding of the social determinants of sexual and reproductive health?

* 9. What is the name of the department and/or service or program you are a part of?

* 10. Please provide a short description of the aim(s)/objectives of the service or program

* 11. What is the geographic coverage of the service or program?

* 12. Who is the program targeted to? (If specified)

* 13. Please indicate whether the service is free (bulk billed or not charged) or charged

* 14. How do people access the service or program?

* 15. How many people on average access your service or program in a week?

* 16. If relevant to the service or program, is there currently a waitlist?

* 17. What are your hours of operation?

* 18. Does the service or program involve partnerships with other organisations?

* 19. Is this program or service ongoing?

* 20. Are there any risks associated with providing sexual and reproductive health services or programs by your organisation? If so, what and why?

* 21. What other supports do you feel that your service or program might require?

* 22. Would you or your organisation be interesting in joining a regional Sexual and Reproductive Health Steering Committee?

* 23. Do you have any other comments that you feel might be relevant to this mapping process?

* 24. Are you happy to be contacted for further information if required?