CPR Resuscitation Skills in General Practice 

Identify and apply the steps that need to be taken in the event of a cardiac arrest patient in the general practice setting.

Recall the appropriate methods and processes of gaining emergency assistance in the general practice setting, in the event of a cardiac arrest.

Manage a suspected cardiac arrest including the demonstration of BLS-CPR procedures, including the delivery of effective ventilations and compressions and use of an AED on all age groups using anatomically appropriate resuscitation manikins.

Implement strategies in the practice to reduce the emotional impact of an emergency on individuals and the team
Location and Time

Haggarty Space
HMRI, JHH Campus
New Lambton Heights
New South Wales 2305 Australia
Venue Phone: 0423644557 on night
6pm for light refreshments, 6.30-9.00pm Meeting
Accreditation -

Accreditation provided by Medics for Life with the RACGP 5 Category CPD Points (CPR) Points. Medics for Life is also linked with a Registered Training Organisation under ASQA and will provide Certificates of Attendance.
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