Volunteer Recruitment

The 2012 World Handball Championships are taking place in CityWest, Dublin, Ireland October 11th to 21st. A key part of these World Championships will be the people who help us co-ordinate and manage the event. There will be up to 3,000 people attending this event each day and we will need the right people in the right places to ensure this event will be the most successful World Championships yet. Please complete the application below to become a part of the World Handball Championships Volunteer Team 2012.

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* 3. Have you participated in the co-ordination/management of an event of this scale before?

* 4. Have you ever received Garda Vetting Clearance through the GAA?

* 5. Non Irish Residents - Have you evidence of the a police background check? (*Please note all international volunteers are required to provide evidence of police clearance in your own country)

* 6. What specific areas can you help us with?