The Women, Infant & Community Wellness Section (WICWS) is pleased to offer you free health publications.
Quantities of materials may be limited.  Limits are set to help ensure that the WICWS can provide as many people as possible with printed materials and meet public health needs with its inventory and budget. The number of print copies available varies by item and may change depending on our supply at the time of the request. You will be notified if your order is not completely filled.
*Currently Unavailable* items are being evaluated to restock or discontinue based upon incorrect content, cost etc. There is no defined timeline to know when or if these publications will be available. Please continue to check the online survey.  
Please allow three (3) weeks for delivery. 
Some publications may no longer be available in print and are only available in electronic format to be downloaded see "Download Publications" at
Out-of-state orders will not be filled. Copies may be downloaded when available.
If you have suggestions, questions and issues with this survey, contact the Women, Infant & Community Wellness Section (WICWS) at