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This idea is the brainchild of several venture-backed startups that participated in lean startup workshops.

Here's the pitch: a group of 10 companies would meet once a month for six months to develop their capacity to run lean. Each company would enroll two leaders in the series, one on the technology side, one on the business side. These companies would be carefully screened for fit, readiness, and to ensure that competitors are not in the same group.

At each half-day meeting, we'd work as a group on a specific lean startup technique. In between, this cohort of companies would have the opportunity to act as a learning community, sharing what they've learned and supporting one another as they try to put the techniques into practice. Each month, we'd hold each other accountable for making changes to our product, process, and team. I would also be
available to the participants to answer questions one-on-one. This program would be by subscription only; each company would pay $3000/month.

Because of the cost and intensity of this program, it is designed for startups with significant venture backing or who have reached profitability.

If you're interested in participating in the inaugural Lean Startup Cohort, please fill out the following application. Please make sure your contact information is correct, as I may follow up to collect additional details.

* 1. Please let us know how to get in touch with you.

* 2. What does your company do? What stage of development are you at? What is your role within the company?

* 3. What industry/market does your company compete in? Who are your closest competitors? Are there any companies you'd be especially wary of sharing information with?

* 4. What are your prior experiences with lean startup or customer development practices? Have you tried to implement any at your current company? How did it go?

* 5. How do you think your participation in this program would enhance the discussion for all participants?

* 6. What topics would you be especially interested in learning more about (check all that apply)?

* 7. Please read the following statements. Check each one that you agree with:

* 8. Any other comments or questions?

Thank you so much for your application. If you are selected to participate in the inaugural Lean Startup Cohort, I will be in touch via email.

Thanks again,

Eric Ries