* 1. Does the genre of a book or short story affect your choice to read it?

* 2. Which fictional genres do you choose to read? (excluding reading for school, etc.)

* 3. Do you read horror fiction?

* 4. If a friend recommended a book for you to read, would its classification as a 'horror novel' encourage or deter you from reading it?

* 5. Name an author/s who you consider to be horror writers.

* 6. What characteristics do all horror stories share?

* 7. What do you consider to be the most important aspect of a horror story? (e.g. The effect it has on the reader, monsters, gore, setting, characters, etc.)

* 8. What is more important, the effect a horror story has on the reader or how well it is written?

* 9. Can you name one or more novels or short stories that you consider to be examples of good horror stories?