Bring your knowledge about your role

The Professional Learning Non-Teaching Staff (PLNTS) team invites you to express your interest to become a member of one of the seven working groups that will influence and shape professional learning for all non-teaching staff.

The PLNTS team was established in 2019 to enable quality professional learning that is timely, equitable and accessible for all non-teaching staff across NSW.

The seven role classification working groups will work with the PLNTS team to contribute to the design and development of fit-for-purpose and inclusive professional learning. This is your chance to actively contribute and steer the direction of role specific professional development. Please register your interest to contribute to the professional needs of non-teaching staff.

Your role will be to:
* Provide advice and recommendations on the department’s professional learning strategy.

* Gather input informally from colleagues.

* Review learning content as required.

* Be an advocate for professional learning within your networks.
Applications are open all-year round. You are required to answer all questions and obtain principal approval. 

If you require any further assistance please contact:

Thank you for your interest.