CSI:  2017 Sign-Up

Help monitor salmon spawning in the Miller Walker Basin! CSI volunteers put on waders and walk in Miller and Walker Creeks every week or two from October 8 until late December/January. Each volunteer team (usually 2-6 people) is assigned a day of the week, and is responsible for at least 2 people surveying that day every week. Surveys take 2-4 hours, and need to be done during daylight hours. In the winter, surveys need to start before noon. Volunteers will need to provide their own rain gear and waders. Training will be provided on October 5th, 2017 at the Normandy Park City Hall Council Chambers. No experience needed! CSI volunteers find this work fun and rewarding.

CSI for Highline started in 2010. To see past results, and to learn more, go to the Community Salmon Investigation Homepage.

* 1. First and Last Name

* 2. Contact Information

* 3. What day(s) of the week are you available to survey Miller and Walker Creeks for salmon in October, November and December, 2017? (Note:  each survey takes 2-4 hours and must be completed during daylight hours.) Please select all that apply:

* 4. How often are you available to survey?

* 5. If you are available to survey every week or two, do you also want to be on a list of people who others can call to fill in as a backup when other teams need help with a survey?