Survey Consent


* 1.

We are graduate students in the Department of Computer Science at the University of Minnesota. We are conducting a survey as part of an assignment for Dr. Loren Terveen’s CSCI 8115: Human-Computer Interaction and User Interface Technology course. If you are at least 18 years old and have participated in an online social network, you are eligible to participate in this survey.

This survey involves answering some general demographics questions and some questions about your
attitudes toward “groups” within social networks and content sharing. The survey takes about 15
minutes to complete. The purpose of the survey is to help students in this course learn more about the
extent to which people utilize grouping mechanisms in online social networks and whether there is a
relationship between content type and whether users alter the visibility permissions.

Your participation is voluntary and your responses will be anonymous. The data collected will be
analyzed in aggregate. There are no consequences if you decide not to complete the survey.

The results of this project will be available after May 1, 2012. If you would like a copy of the results or
have any questions, please contact us at

Thank you for your participation.

If you agree to complete the survey and consent to participate, please click the “Accept” button below.