1. Animal Testing

Please note that the entire survey will be kept confidential. Answer ALL questions truthfully. Your cooperation and time taken to take this survey is very much appreciated!

* 1. Please state your age range.

* 2. Have you come across this organization; PETA?

* 3. Have you heard of Alexander Fernando Pacheco?

* 4. Have you been exposed to any videos or other media means which portray animal testing processes?

* 5. Do you know if any of the brands of products that you're using is tested on animals?

* 6. Would you continue to show support for a certain product, after knowing the ways in which it test its products on animals? Why?

* 7. Would you show greater support for a product, after knowing that it has changed its ways from originally using animal testing, to now no longer using animal testing, but instead supporting animal rights?

* 8. Do you think that animal testing is a serious issue in Singapore? What makes you say so?

* 9. Name a few brands that do not conduct animal testing and a few that do so.

* 10. What is your stand in regards to animal testing?
(1 for not against and 5 for very against)