We are in the process of establishing a not-for profit biorepository without walls, or Virtual Biorepository (VBR) resource, with the primary purpose of facilitating access to specimens and panels for development and evaluation of diagnostics. Additional future uses of specimens may include supporting vaccine and therapeutics development and research.

The immediate goal is to identify where appropriate COVID-19 specimens are collected and stored and whether the sites holding these specimens are agreeable to accrue and share them as partners in the VBR.  This COVID-19 VBR is intended to meet a critical need for qualified specimens and serve as foundation for building a sustainable biorepository infrastructure for the future.

Please complete this brief survey to help us understand better what are important benefits and advantages to you and your organization/country for contributing specimens and participating in the VBR network.

The survey will take about 15 minutes. We are interested in your suggestions, please use the comments box at the end.
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