This conference is for YOU, and we want to make it relevant, meaningful and worth the time you’re committing to attend. Because the summit pulls together a broad range of participants and provides a format that allows for collaborative interaction, please take five minutes to share your thoughts in this brief survey, which will help provide a collective view of what’s on the mind of the whole grain community.

* 1. What do you view as the most pressing question or "hot topic" impacting whole grains & health? (select ONE)

* 2. What has been the most surprising trend to you over the past few years in whole grains? (Select ONE)

* 3. Please tell us about a recent 'success' of yours with respect to whole grains.

* 4. Please tell us about a challenge you are currently facing with regard to whole grains.

* 5. What sector do you represent?

* 6. With which sectors would you like to make new connections for learning and/or working together? (check all that apply)

* 7. What encourages you to participate in cross-boundary collaborative projects? (Check all that apply)

* 8. What discourages you from participating in crossboundary collaborative projects? (check all that apply)