* 1. Please tell me about yourself -- your professional background and your experience with data analysis.

* 2. Describe how you have previously used Google Analytics. Please be specific and include features used, deliverables, etc.

* 3. What is your experience setting up tracking codes for Google Analytics, KISSmetrics, split testing tools such as Visual Website Optimizer, etc? Beyond analyzing data, please describe the systems you would create to ensure proper tracking and data integrity.

* 4. What is your experience with performance reporting and dashboarding? Please include which tools you have used (e.g., Tableau Software)?

* 5. Do you have experience analyzing Infusionsoft data? If so, please give an example of how you have previously driven results with Infusionsoft. If not, please describe your experience with CRMs and analyzing data from them?

* 6. Working with our data involves combining many data sources into one report. Do you have experience create reports that, for example, combine email send data, on-site activity and transactional data? Please give an example of a report you have created that combined multiple data sources (paste or include URL of report).

* 7. What is your desired compensation?

* 8. Please leave your name.

* 9. Please leave your contact information (email is best).