Survey Regarding Use of the Autonomic Standards

Hello, we are conducting this survey to see how well the first version of the autonomic standards has been able to be incorporated into people’s practices. If you would be so kind as to answer these questions it would be greatly appreciated.

* 1. Do you use the autonomic standards in your clinical practice?

* 2. If you do not use the standards, why don't you?

* 3. If you use the standards, but only part of them, which parts do you use?

* 4. Do you understand the difference between the standards and the data sets?

* 5. Please comment on the usefulness of each of the following parts of the standards?

  Very Useful Somewhat Useful Neutral Not Useful
Heart Rate-Tetraplegics
Heart Rate-Paraplegics
Blood Pressure-Tetraplegics
Blood Pressure-Paraplegics
Sexual Function-Tetraplegics

Sexual Function-Paraplegics

* 6. Would you be more likely to use the standards if they were part of the International Standards for the Neurologic Classification of SCI?

* 7. Would it be helpful if the autonomic standards committee provided the probable impact of a specific injury on autonomic function? E.g. if a person has a T6 complete injury, would it be helpful to you if the standards document suggested the likely effect of a spinal cord injury at that level on bladder, bowel and sexual function and the potential for autonomic dysreflexia?

* 8. Please provide any suggested recommendations as to how the standards could be used to allow you to better care for your patients

* 9. Can you provide some information about the setting you work in and the country?

* 10. If you would like to be contacted personally to provide feedback regarding the autonomic standards, please leave your email below and a member of the committee will contact you