Thank you for your interest in the Volunteer Healthcare Corps (VHC).

Before you submit an online application, please be sure to read all the information provided about the VHC program by visiting

All applications must be submitted online. Once you begin your application you will not be able to stop and restart. Please be prepared to provide the following information when submitting an online application:

I. Personal Information
• Name, Date of Birth, Sex, Marital Status, Contact Information, Country of Citizenship, Country of Permanent Residency, and Country of Birth

II. Placement
• The specific VHC assignment for which you are applying to(if any)
• Your availability for a VHC assignment (start and end dates)
• Placement preferences (if any)
• International experience
• Skills, talents, and experiences that can be applied to a VHC assignment
• Languages and proficiencies
• Any health conditions that require special management (specifically in a resource-limited setting)
• Your motivation to become a VHC volunteer (Why are you applying to the VHC program? What specifically about the VHC attracted your interest?)

III. Emergency Contact
• Name, Relationship, Address, E-mail Address, and Telephone

IV. Education (Post-Secondary)
• Name of Institution(s), City and State of Institution(s), Degree/Certificate Obtained, Field and Year Graduated

V. Professional
• Current Status (employed, unemployed, student, retired)
• Name and address of the organization where you work (if any)
• Two previous jobs that are most relevant to the VHC assignment (Institution, Title, Time Period, Responsibilities, and Achievements)
• Professional licenses and certifications (State/Province, Country, Profession, Validity Period)

VI. 2 References (Professional)
• Name, Address, E-mail Address, and Telephone

Applications are accepted on a rolling basis unless otherwise noted. It is recommended that candidates submit an application to a specific assignment at least three months prior to the time they are available to volunteer. The process may be prolonged if you want to be considered for a future opportunity that is not currently posted.

If you have any questions, please contact us at

Thank you and good luck!