1. VU ELC Writing Consultations (WC)

The ELC Writing Consultations (WC) will re-open for Spring semester 2014 with appointments starting on Monday, January 13. This request form remains active...

1-to-1 Writing Consultations for students, faculty, and scholars (non-VUMC) whose first language is not English -- Appointment Information.

The ELC WC will be closed during SPRING BREAK week, March 3-7.

If you are interested in making an appointment for a 50-minute session with an ELC writing consultant, please complete the following. Requests for WC appointments should be made at least 24 HOURS IN ADVANCE.

Questions marked with * require answers.

After completing the request form below, wait for an e-mail response with information about your appointment.

Be sure to read ALL of the information below...

The first five questions are for informational purposes only. But they are REQUIRED.

* 1. Name

* 2. Your country of origin

* 3. VU e-mail

* 4. Telephone number

* 5. Status

* 6. School

* 7. Department

Please be sure to read the WC Clients' information on our website. BE PREPARED before coming to your WC session.

Please select a day and time for your requested session - first choice [1] and second choice [2]. If your chosen day is different from that day next on the calendar, be sure to include the actual date. At least 24-HOUR NOTICE is required.

The ELC WC will be closed during SPRING BREAK week, March 3-7.

* 8. FIRST CHOICE [1]: Please select a day for your session.

* 9. FIRST CHOICE [1]: Please select a time for your session.

* 10. SECOND CHOICE [2] (if you have one): Please select another possible day for your session.

* 11. SECOND CHOICE [2] (if you have one): Please select a time for your session.

The WC Coordinator will attempt to arrange an appointment for an initial session for you. You will be notified by e-mail as soon as your appointment is set.

All WC sessions are held at the ELC, 1208 18th Ave. S. (just south of the corner with Edgehill Ave., across from the Seigenthaler Center). Please arrive just a few minutes early for your first session, and please be prompt for subsequent sessions as they will not go past the next clock hour.

BE PREPARED for your session:

Before you come, please be sure to familiarize yourself with WC policy at

Be sure to bring with you a HARD COPY (not laptop) of the paper/material in need of help.