Introduction and Survey Overview

33% of survey complete.

Greetings --

We are pleased you will be participating in our Trends in Compensation for 2018 survey sponsored by BOSE Corporation and Wilson Group. If you complete this survey, you will receive a copy of the FULL report at NO COST.

The purpose of this survey is to provide you with information on what companies did in 2017 and are planning for their 2018 compensation plans. After providing us with some background information, we'll review what actions were taken in 2017 and your plans for 2018. We will then summarize this information and get you a final report as soon as possible. This should enable you to compare your plans with those of other companies in the market.

We have limited the questions to those that have the most meaning and value. Please provide information on your US Operations only.

The deadline for the survey submission has been extended to next Wednesday, November 22nd. We realize this is a short time period, but we want to provide you with the survey results in time for you to use them in finalizing 2018 plans. If you participated in the survey last year and would like a copy of your submission, let me know. We will send this to you so it will be easier to complete this survey. Some of the questions are different or changed, but many are the same. We want to make your submission as easy as possible.  

Thank you again for your participation. If you have any questions, please email me (Tom Wilson) at or call our office at 978-371-0476. We hope you find the survey easy to complete, and the resulting information valuable to your organization's efforts to align and gain the greatest return on investment from these programs.