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Travel Coaching Candidates:

Thank you for your interest in coaching with South Loudoun Basketball (aka MLBL). 

About the Program: South Loudoun Basketball (SLB) is committed to developing a high quality travel program that will prepare the advanced players for High School inter-scholastic play. We are excited to again partner with the Champe High School and Freedom High School basketball programs, which are our primary feeder high schools. SLB strives to put together teams of the best players who are committed to making the SLB travel program their first priority during the winter season.  The SLB travel program is affiliated with both the Loudoun County Middle School Travel League and the Fairfax County Youth Basketball League.  Each season, we evaluate our options based on the number of participants at each grade level to determine how many teams we will be fielding, and which programs (Loudoun or Fairfax) that we will participate in.  For the 2017-2018 Travel Season, we will be participating in the Fairfax County Youth Basketball League (FCYBL) league only.

The Coaches and Players Selection Process:  Our Travel Committee will review the candidates for the travel program and select an initial pool of coaches to participate in the tryout evaluation process.  At the conclusion of the tryout evaluation process, the travel committee will meet with the coaching pool to review the pool of players at each level.  The coach evaluations will be weighted with other evaluation data for travel player determinations. It is at this point that we will work together to finalize the number of teams at each grade level, make the final determination for each of the coaching slots, and finalize the player selections.  In other words, prospective coaches will be asked to participate in the travel player evaluation process, but are not guaranteed a coaching position until after the tryouts have concluded and we have finalized the number of teams at each grade level. Coaches will not select their teams as the coach evaluation is part of the overall process for selecting players for teams.

Requirements for Coaching:  Travel coaches must be 18 years of age or older.  Successful travel coaching candidates will be required to complete a background screening.  We contract our background screening with the National Center for Safety Initiatives.  All background screening information remains confidential, and the SLB board receives only a “green-light/red-light” result of the screening.  Additionally, we are also requiring all coaches to complete the Positive Coaching Alliance program.  SLB will be hosting a couple of dates for PCA to conduct their coaches training program, which will be finalized and announced by mid-September. Coaches must attend the SLB Coaching Clinic.

Submitting the Application:  Please complete the attached application and return the completed application electronically to by 5:00pm EDT on Friday, September 1, 2017.  Applications can also be mailed to the address above, and must be postmarked by Friday, September 15, 2017.  Applications received after the deadline may only be considered if there is are vacancies.

Thank you for your interest in coaching with the Mercer-Lunsford Basketball League travel program.  Any questions can be sent to         

Bill Morris, President and League Commissioner
South Loudoun Basketball

Section 1 – Personal/Administrative Information:

* 1. Please list the following information:


List any players related to you (children, etc.) that will be playing this season. Include children playing at all levels (house, travel, etc.)

* 3. Player Name(s):

* 4. Grade Level(s):

Section 2 – Coaching and Playing Experience
Coaching Experience: List your coaching experience within the last five years. Work from the highest level (competitive) first back to house league play (not in chronological order). Higher levels with successful documentation will be evaluated more favorable.

* 5. Coach Experience 1

* 6. Coach Experience 2

* 7. Coach Experience 3

* 8. Coach Experience 4

* 9. Coach Experience 5

Playing Experience: List your basketball playing experience (from highest level first) noting specific awards or certifications received as a overall assessment of your basketball knowledge

* 10. Playing Experience 1

* 11. Playing Experience 2

* 12. Playing Experience 3

* 13. Playing Experience 4

* 14. Playing Experience 5

* 15. Have you ever been ejected from a game and/or served a suspension as a result of your actions as a coach, assistant coach or spectator (in any sport)?  If yes, please provide details

Section 3 – References

* 16. Reference 1

* 17. Reference 2

* 18. Reference 3

Section 4 – Question and Answer
Please answer the following questions completely. Attach additional sheets as necessary

* 19. If SLB, and the local HS coaches, (Freedom for Lunsford teams, Champe for Mercer teams) request that you play a
certain defense, or run a certain offense, would that effect your decision to coach a team?

* 20. List all sports teams you are planning on coaching this Fall-Winter (e.g. additional house teams, etc.):

* 21. List any affiliations or experiences with other basketball programs:

* 22. List any additional experience working with youth:

* 23. List any certificates or other training pertinent to coaching basketball:

* 24. Are you willing to take input from, SLB board and/or high school coaches regarding the makeup of your
team?  (Indicate Yes/No below and please include an explanation in either scenario):

* 25. Practices are typically weeknight evenings, two times per week (6-9:30pm) and games are either Saturdays or Sundays.  Do you have any work or family commitments which would interfere with this schedule?

* 26. Describe a difficult situation you have faced with a player and how you handled the situation:

* 27. Please read both scenarios. In the space below please indicate which is the more successful outcome and why.

Scenario 1:  You are the coach of the 8th grade travel team. You finish with a record of 10-2, advance to the championship game where you lose by two points. Your team have 4 solid players who play the majority of all the games. The other 6 are rotated in sparingly, with players 7-10 see about 7 min or less of playing time per game. The following winter at freshman tryouts, the 4 “solid” kids make the freshman team, the other 6 get cut.

Scenario 2:  You are the coach the 8th grade travel team. You finish with a record of 6-4 and lose in the opening round of the playoff tournament. You rotate all 10 players in consistently, including rotating who starts games. The minutes per game are almost equal. The following year at freshman tryouts, 8 of your 10 players make the team.

* 28. Would you still coach a travel team if your child was not a member of the team? Please Explain.

Section 5 – Acknowledgements

* 29. Please acknowledge the statements below by initialing in the boxes below the statements:

* 30. I have read and understood all above acknowledgements.
My printed name and date in the box below represents acknowledgment and signature:

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