Nominate a film to be shown at the 125th Anniversary celebration of the Twin City Opera House

* 1. What is the one movie you would most like to see presented during the Twin City Opera House 125th Anniversary Celebration?

* 2. Please provide a brief explanation forĀ why you are nominating this movie. For example, is it a "classic" film? Did you see it at the Opera House as a child? Was it the first movie you saw at the Twin City Opera House? Is it someone else's favorite movie? Why does it have special meaning to you?

* 3. If your movie is chosen for presentation at the 125th Anniversary of the Twin City Opera House, would you be interested in speaking for 3 - 5 minutes before the film to tell the audience why you nominated the movie?

* 4. Please provide your contact information (email preferred) so we may contact you if your movie nomination is chosen.