How to Nominate a Candidate

Any member of the Leesburg community or the candidate / business themselves may make a nomination for this award by submitting the required information below. Using the form below, please tell us how the candidate fulfills each bullet point of the criteria for Lifetime Achievement in Economic Development.

Nominations are due by August 10, 2018.

Many awards are given for individual tactical success and “wins” such as achieving a single goal or quota or overachieving in an individual event. To be considered for a Lifetime Achievement Award, one must demonstrate consistent outstanding performance in their area of expertise over an extended period of time. Further, it is expected that the performance achievement benefits a greater good than personal reward and financial success.

To deserve consideration for the Rotary STAR Lifetime Achievement Award, the nominee will be evaluated by applying the following values the company or individual brings to the greater Leesburg community. Make the case that your nominee deserves this award in your responses.

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* 1. Who are you nominating