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* 2. Booking details

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* 3. Space required

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* 4. Do you require a gate key to unlock the gate at the bottom of the driveway? (If yes you will need to attend the City of Rockingham offices on Council Avenue in Rockingham, pay a $50 bond, collect your key and then return it after your booking)

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* 5. Food and alcohol

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* 6. Music and entertainment


Hire and Use

· Bookings are for a minimum of one hour and then half hour blocks thereafter.
· An application for hire form must be completed and returned. Bookings are not confirmed until official confirmation in writing from the Baldivis Children’s Forest is received.
· The hirer can only use the venue for the purposes shown on the completed hire form.
· Hirers will be charged accordingly for overrunning their booking period and/or using areas of the site that have not been paid for
· 16th to 21st birthday parties are not permitted at the site.
· The site can be closed without notice if the fire danger rating is severe, extreme or catastrophic
· Use of the site when the weather is inclement (storms, rain, hail etc) is at your own risk but the Baldivis Children’s Forest reserves the right to close the forest if they deem the site unsafe

Hire Fees

· Payment of hire fees is required one week prior to the booking. Casual bookings will not be confirmed until the hire fees have been paid.
· Regular hirers will be invoiced at the beginning of each month for the previous month’s hire. Payment is due within 14 days from the date of the invoice, if payment is not made within this time; your booking may be reviewed.
· Hire fees are reviewed annually by the Baldivis Children’s Forest

Key bond for access gate

· If you require a key to the gate at the bottom of the driveway to access the forest you will be required to attend the City of Rockingham administration offices on Council Avenue in Rockingham
· $50 per key is payable direct to the City of Rockingham and will be refunded in line with their terms and condition on the safe return of the key to the City
· It is your responsibility to ensure the carpark is clear of cars prior to locking the gate at the end of your event

Cancellation of Bookings

· Cancellation of a booking must be made in writing to the Baldivis Children’s Forest.
· Hirers will be required to pay 100% of the hire fees for any bookings cancelled within seven days of the booking except if the forest is closed due to the Fire Danger Rating or extreme weather
· The Baldivis Children’s Forest may need to cancel or reschedule bookings; where possible the hirer will be given notice.

Public Liability Insurance

· Incorporated bodies, sporting clubs/associations and commercial groups or commercial-type bookings must have Public Liability Insurance cover to a level not less than $10 million.
· Other non-profit/community groups must have cover to a level not less than $5 million. When required, evidence of Public Liability Insurance must be provided prior to commencement of the hire.
· Regular hirers must provide evidence of their Public Liability Insurance prior to confirmation of booking and provide a copy of any insurance renewal during the hire period, prior to expiry of the previous policy.


· Hirers playing music in their classes are required to comply with the Copyright Act and hold the appropriate APRA AMCOS licence or equivalent. A copy of the relevant license or supporting documents must be provided prior to commencement of hire.


· The site must be left in a clean and tidy condition.
· The hirers must clean areas they have hired by completion of their hire period
· The Baldivis Children’s Forest caretakers are the sole authority on the cleanliness and condition of areas used by hirers upon completion of a booking.


· Furniture or equipment required must be supplied by the hirer at the hirer’s expense and shall be the liability of the hirer.
· Hire companies providing extra equipment for your booking must be met on site, both at delivery and collection times, by a member of your organisation/group. Site hire charges may apply from the time  hire equipment is deli
Baldivis Children’s Forest Responsibilities

· We will:
i. Endeavour to provide safe, clean and tidy site.
ii. Consider all reasonable hirer requests.
iii. Keep hirers informed of changes that may impact their booking.
iv. Ensure Forest representatives deals with requests swiftly and politely.


· Smoking is strictly prohibited on site.


· Where alcohol is being sold, an Occasional Permit must be obtained from the Department of Racing, Gaming & Liquor. A copy of the Certificate of Approval must be supplied to the Baldivis Children’s Forest prior to the function.
· Where alcohol is being served (BYO or sold), one adult present must hold a Responsible Services of Alcohol (RSA) certificate

Hirer’s Responsibilities

· The hirer must be in attendance at all times during the period of the booking.
· Hirers are not permitted to affix permanent signs. Temporary signage must only be in place during the period of the  booking.
· Neither the Baldivis Children’s Forest nor its employees/volunteers shall be liable for any loss, theft or damage sustained by the hirer or any person attending the site during a period of hire.
· Hirers are responsible for the behaviour of individuals, including children, attending the site during their agreed booking times. Admission and removal from a facility is strictly at the discretion of the Baldivis Children’s Forest caretaker. Children must be supervised by parents/guardians at all times.
· Upon receiving a completed Application Hire Form, the Baldivis Children’s Forest may deem a booking to be ‘high risk’. In this instance we will insist hirers employ one licenced security guard per 50 guests at their own cost. A WA Police Party Registration Form will also need to be submitted. A professional cleaning service will also be required to clean after the function has finished.
· The Baldivis Children’s Forest reserves the right to refuse or cancel high risk bookings.
· The site closes at midnight. The Hirer is responsible for ensuring their group vacate the site by midnight, inclusive of pack up by third parties (caterers, entertainment, D.J., decorators etc)
· Prohibited items: Barbeques, gas bottles, open flames, portable stoves and ovens, fireworks, kerosene or spirit-type lamps and helium balloons. Candles may only be used if battery operated.
· No fire of any type may be lit anywhere except the designated fire pit which can be used when the Fire Danger Rating is Low, Moderate or High
· Confetti, rice, glitter or glitter shapes are NOT permitted on site except for natural options
· Decorations: Drawing pins, blu-tac, nails, screws or adhesive tape must not be used to affix decorations. All decorations are to be free standing and are to be completely removed after the event.
· Performing rights: The hirer is responsible for obtaining any permits required for the performance of any dramatic or musical work or the playing of any recorded material.
· Breakages, theft or damage: The hirer is responsible for any breakages, theft or damage caused to the site during the hirer’s use of the venue
· Noise: Amplified music and general noise levels must be kept at a reasonable level that will not disturb people living near the venue. The Hirer must comply with the provisions of the Environmental Protection Act (Noise) and comply with any orders given by the City of Rockingham Noise Abatement Officers.
· Amusement rides and bouncy castles must not be used within the site. Event Lighting, Portable Bars, and Drink/Slushy Machines may only be used with the permission of the Event Coordinator
· Hirers are requested to be mindful of any inconvenience that may be caused to surrounding residents by activity attendees parking outside of the designated facility parking area. All care must be taken not to park on residential verges, damage private lawns or irrigation sp

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* 7. Have you read the terms and conditions and agree to them including that no heliums balloons are to be brought on site and that no flame candles are allowed on site?

Thank you for your application. It will be reviewed within 48 hours and you will receive an email response. 
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