* 1. What type of game do you hunt? (If more than one, you can fill out a survey for each animal type.)

* 2. How many days a year do you hunt? (Please include off-season scouting, but not travel or non-hunting days within hunting trips.)

* 3. How many hours, on average, do you you spend hunting or scouting on each hunting or scouting day?

* 4. What is your harvest goal for each season?

* 5. Do you give whole animals or meat to friends or family outside of your household?

* 6. Do you donate animals or meat to a local foodbank or through a hunters for the hungry program?

* 7. Which of these services would make you more likely to participate in a hunters for the hungry program? (Choose as many as apply)

* 8. Do you think you would spend more time hunting and/or harvest more animals than you already do if meat donation was easier or available in your area?

* 9. Thank you for participating in this survey!