* 1. What type of retail business would you like to see move to Kenmore? Check as many as you like.

* 2. What other types of business would you like to see move to Kenmore? Check as many as you like.

* 3. Many residents have indicated an appreciation for small, unique businesses for Kenmore. The KVIS has an initiative where we ask owners of such businesses located in other communities to consider opening another location here. If you know of a business you would like us to ask to open in Kenmore, please list it here.

* 4. What do you think are the strongest and best parts of our Kenmore business environment?

* 5. What do you think are the weakest and worst parts of our Kenmore business environment?

* 6. Kenmore has many pharmacies, physicians offices and medically oriented businesses and services located here. Are you in favor of having more medically oriented businesses open in Kenmore? Why?

* 7. How likely would you be to give your custom to the following businesses if they opened in Kenmore?

  Quite likely Somewhat likely Not likely
Toy Shop
Book Store
Coffee House

* 8. The exterior visual appeal of each business is important in helping to develop a successful business environment in any community. This appeal includes signage, window displays, tidiness, maintenance, etc. What business exterior do you think looks the best and worst on each street? We know that you won’t have the business exteriors memorized –please just list these as they come to your mind when considering each street.

* 9. Thank you for taking this survey! Your input is important and has helped the KVIS to attract quality businesses like a Bakery to Kenmore and Trader Joe's to our area. Please write any other thoughts you have about our business environment here. Thanks again.

* 10. The KVIS Businesses & Commercial Properties Committee works to help create a varied and dynamic business environment in Kenmore and the surrounding area. We do this through many events and initiatives like our Brokers Day event and more. If you would like to join in the work of this group or would like to receive information on meetings dates, etc. please leave your name and e-mail address here.