Moorings and anchorages

* 1. Captain / mate name

* 2. Date

* 3. Vessel name

* 4. Home port

* 5. Vessel usage

* 6. LOA

* 7. What are your greatest issues finding a suitable anchorage in the Balearics

* 8. What locations are the biggest problem areas for locating a suitable anchorage in the Baleares.

* 9. Do you have any proffered anchorage locations currently not promoted by the authorities? Please provide GPS coordinates.

* 10. Do you think permanent moorings would be a positive solution?

* 11. What issues do you see with the current mooring locations in the Balearics

* 12. Are current moorings suitable for 40 m +

* 13. Are government websites suitable and clear with the information provided for you?

* 14. Would you use government provided information if it were provided in English?

* 15. Do you see the Posidonia ( sea grass) as an important part of the marine ecosystem?

* 16. Do you know a working example of an area in the Mediterranean that provides buoys for yachts that is user friendly?

* 17. Is there something important regarding anchoring / mooring in the Balearics that we may have missed that you would like to tell us about?