Village events you'd like CDC to organise

Throughout the year CDC organises celebrations of about 6 events, chosen by the villagers.  (These 6 are in addition to the Village AGM, Sustainable House Day, two Clothes Swaps and the regular shared meals and pizza/bonfire nights.)

We'd like to know which 6 events you would like to CDC to organise.  (CDC doesn't run events by ourselves - we'll be calling for volunteers!)

We would like to celebrate events which are inclusive, and support the ethos of the Village - Caring for the Earth; Caring for People; Living Creatively Together.

Please click a maximum of 6 events you'd like CDC to organise.  The 6 events with the highest number of votes will be selected. Please add creative ideas for how the event could be celebrated.

* 1. Which 6 events would you like CDC to organise?
     (just leave the question blank if it's not one of your 6 favourites!)

  This one This one, AND I'll volunteer!
January 1st  
New Year's Day
January 26th
Australia Day and Kaurna Acknowledgement
January (variable date)
Tour Down Under
March 19th
Earth Hour
March 20th
National Happiness Day
March 21st
Harmony Day
March - April (variable dates)
May 3rd (may vary) -
International Permaculture Day
June (variable date)
Olive Harvest
June 5th
World Environment Day
June 21st
Winter Solstice
September 15th
Moon Festival
September 21st
Spring Equinox and Peace Day
October 9th
Village Birthday
October 11 - 17th
National Recycling Day
December 5th
International Volunteers Day
December 21st
Summer Solstice
December Saturday before Christmas

* 2. Are there other events you would like the Village to celebrate? Please give date and name, and an idea of how you'd like to see it celebrated.

* 3. How shall we contact you to arrange the volunteering you've offered?