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Europe’s consumers are increasingly presented with the opportunity to play an active role in a more sustainable energy system where efficiency, decarbonisation and renewable energy are central drivers. In the short-term, they will be confronted with technological changes necessary to adapt to this new energy paradigm. Before we can expect households to engage in the energy transition, becoming active energy players, stakeholders have a responsibility to help them to understand these technological changes and moreover:

- What is happening in their energy system

- Why it is happening

- Which are the benefits for them and society.

MY SMART ENERGY is a portal designed to be a first step towards providing everyday European consumers with easy to understand information addressing these questions, from their perspective. The website’s accessible explanations and materials can help local authorities, utilities, national information campaigns and other stakeholders to introduce the energy changes to their communities, leading to more acceptance and engagement.

 Phase I considerations

The website up for consultation is designed to be Phase I of a potentially wider and more far reaching campaign. EDSO and ESMIG are aware of some of the limitations of the website in its current form.  Reviewers and encouraged to keep this, and the following considerations in mind. 

·         In light of the time pressure resulting from the roll-out timelines of member states. EDSO and ESMIG deemed it important to make a basic level of information available in the shorter-term, with a view to developing the site further once live.

·         The website is available in the English language. Links to helpful materials from DSOs, national regulatory authorities and contacts with national consumer organisations are however provided in the My Country section, thus facilitating access to information in the native tongue of European citizens. Translation is a consideration in Phase II.

·         Links to helpful web-materials from DSOs are provided. These mainly come from EDSO members, as well as ESMIG partners.  

·         The website management in this first phase has been completely funded using the operating budget of the associations. The active push to reach consumers, for example, through social media will therefore not be to the level deemed most impactful at this stage. The site on the other hand will serve to help stakeholders such as local authorities in their efforts to address awareness among their audience, and as such will be pushed strongly to stakeholder entities. By tagging the website with key terms in all 28 languages, consumers who have an interest in learning about smart energy can easily find the site through search engines.

·         The website does not contain images/animations of smart meter/grid technology as such available content is branded. ESMIG and EDSO have chosen, for the moment at least, to focus on the information and not to favour any technology above the other.

 Phase II considerations

With your recommendations in mind, Phase II could be the next step to reaching out to European Consumers:

·         In their own language

·         Through social media

·         Via translated and locally printed material

·         Via the vast network of consumer organisations

·         By developing non-branded animations and images of smart technologies in practice

·         …

Visit our website now: www.my-smart-energy.eu

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