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Below are questions to rate your expertise in the following Microsoft 2010 programs: Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint and Microsoft Outlook.

Please only answer questions you know, if you do not know an answer check 'I Don't know' as this will help determine the computer lessons that are needed. This test is designed to be completed within one half hour.

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Microsoft Excel

* 3. Which key(s) do you press (while clicking the mouse) to select two or more nonadjacent cells?

* 4. Which function would you use to change text in a cell so the first letters are capitalized?

* 5. If you wanted cell contents to change to red every time a value drops below a certain value. What feature would you use?

* 6. When working with Charts, what is a Data Table?

* 7. You have created a long, detailed worksheet. To get the first row and first column to repeat on every page when printed. What feature would you use?

* 8. To quickly populate a series of cells with the months of the year, what feature would be best to use without having to type all twelve months?

* 9. To create a drop-down list, where people can select an item from options provided what feature should be used?

* 10. You created a spreadsheet that lists all of the sales for all sales regions for XYZ company. You would like to subtotal these values by region. How would you most efficiently do this.

* 11. A company has changed its name from XYZ Company to XYZ Inc. To quickly change all 150 instances of this in the spreadsheet, one should:

Microsoft Word

* 12. You are revising a Microsoft® document that a team member created, and you want its author to be able to review your suggested changes before they become part of the document. What feature do you use?

* 13. You want to create an organizational chart in your document. What feature will enable you to do this the fastest and most efficiently?

* 14. To insert a watermark that says "Draft" in a document. You would go to:

* 15. You have a document with a lot of text that would look more organized in a table. How could you most efficiently get the content into a table?

* 16. If you've just formatted some text so that it stands out, how could you quickly copy that formatting to use on other text?

* 17. You inserted a picture into a document. You would like the text to wrap around the picture. The best way to do this is to:

* 18. You've used Word Heading Styles to format the title and sub-title text throughout a document. You would like to create a table of contents that automatically pulls in the title/sub-title text. How could this be done?

* 19. You are creating a thank you letter. You would like to personalize each letter so that it says each client's name in the salutation. What feature do you use?

* 20. You've created a document and would like to have 1.5 spacing between each line of text. How can you do this?

* 21. You have a block of text along with a confidentiality statement you use repeatedly. What is the best way to automate the process without having to type it over and over again?

Microsoft® PowerPoint

* 22. In Microsoft® PowerPoint 2010, Save, Save As, Print Preview, Print, Options, and Recent can be found:

* 23. Microsoft® PowerPoint 2010 has a feature called Themes that affects colors, fonts and effects. To create your own Theme, you need to:

* 24. When working in PowerPoint in Normal view, how do you access the Outline panel?

* 25. To apply a Theme to all your slides, you would need to select the ____________ tab first.

* 26. Which key do you press to go into Slide Show view and start your presentation on the first slide?

* 27. How do you print your slides in a handout that includes lines for notes?

* 28. You would like to change the formatting of the bullets on every slide. You need to change the size, color, and type of the font. What is the most efficient and quickest way to do this?

* 29. How do you make an inserted sound file play continuously over several slides?


* 30. You would like to create the graphic above. What is the most efficient way to do this?

* 31. Which of the following can you NOT access from the 'Animations' tab on the Ribbon:

* 32. Using an animation effect, how do you make text change to a Red color on a slide?

* 33. You would like to animate each line of text on a slide. Can you save time and do this on the Slide Show tab.

* 34. How do you insert a picture of part of a website into a presentation?

* 35. You have typed an outline of content in Microsoft Word. The easiest way to get this content into your PowerPoint is to:

* 36. You want to create a Chart on a PowerPoint slide, what is the easiest way to do this?

* 37. You have a large PowerPoint presentation with over 300 slides. You have to give a modified version of this presentation for a new work group. Rather than creating or saving a new presentation, you can use this presentation and create _____________________ to show the desired slides for each unique presentation you give.

* 38. You want the company logo to display at the bottom of each slide. Where do you do this?

Microsoft Outlook

* 39. To send a business letter to a group of contacts you should

* 40. You can request a receipt to show an email has been read by...

* 41. You need to ensure all mail from a particular client is stored in that clients folder on our folder list - how would you do this?

* 42. How can you ensure that a particular meeting on the calendar is only visible to you?

* 43. You can show tasks by many different date periods - how would you change the work week for employees that work from Tuesday to Saturday?

* 44. You need to arrange a meeting for all employees in a particular department - do you

* 45. On the task list, to arrange tasks in date order, then in alphabetical order you would

* 46. To mark all contents of a folder as read, you would

* 47. You want to set up a button to automatically send an email you've received on to your manager, rather than have to manually choose their name every time. Would you

* 48. What are categories?

* 49. An appointment that happens every year, for example a birthday, is input as

Thanks for completing the Microsoft Office Assessment.