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The Washington Financial Education Network is devoted to improving, increasing, enhancing and supporting financial education for all Washington residents. As part of that effort, we are working to establish a statewide database of financial education providers, who you serve, what tools/resources/curriculum you use, what area(s) you serve, and contact information for other WFEN members interested in partnering with you. We ask that you answer all of the following questions so we may offer this database.
Thank you in advance for your participation!

* 1. Your Organization’s Name

* 2. Contact Name

* 3. Contact Phone #

* 4. Contact email

* 5. Contact address

* 6. Who is your target population?

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* 7. What financial topics does your program(s) address?

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* 8. How does your organization primarily deliver financial education?

* 9. How are your financial literacy instructors trained?

* 10. What type of additional training would be beneficial to your instructors?

* 11. Do You Charge A Fee For Your Financial Literacy Services/Training

* 12. What curriculum do you currently use? Click any that apply and please use the "other" box for details.

* 13. In what languages do you offer your program(s)?

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* 14. In the last two calendar years, have you received state funding for the financial education training and/or services you offer?

* 15. What other sources of funding support your financial literacy program?

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