* 1. Please list your ZIP CODE.

* 2. Please check which one(s) represent you the best:

* 3. Which of the following describes your age?

* 4. How important are each of the following to your quality of life?

  Very Somewhat Not important Do not impact me

* 5. In your opinion, what is the quality of surface water in your area?

* 6. In your opinion, what is the quality of groundwater in your area?

* 7. How important are the following uses for the lakes, creeks, ponds, and wetlands in your area?

  Very Somewhat Not Important Does not impact me
Motor boating
Wildlife watching
Outlet for drainage
Livestock water source

* 8. Who is responsible for water quality?  Please rank the options below in order of responsibility.  ONE being the most responsible for water quality to FOUR being the least responsible.

* 9. Please prioritize each of the Best Management Practices (BMPs) listed below by indicating whether you believe the BMP is High, Medium, or Low Priority for improving water quality.  Also, indicate Yes or No as to whether or not you would be willing to implement the BMP on your property.

  High Priority Medium Priority Low Priority Would you implement on your property?  YES Would you implement on your property?  NO Would you implement on your property? N/A Do not know what the BMP is
Buffer/Filter Strips
Feedlot Compliance
Grazing Management
Nutrient Management
Wetland Restoration
Septic System Compliance
Controlled/Reduced Drainage
Streambank/Shoreline Protection
Alternative Tile Intakes (Rock, Blind, French, ect)
Surface Erosion Practices (Terraces, Grassed Waterways, ect.)
Fertilizer Education - Residential Lawn Care
Groundwater Protection
Conservation Tillage (No-till, Strip-till, ect.)
Cover Crops
Urban Waste and Storm Water Management
Lake Management
Flood Control Structures
Urban BMPs (Rain Gardens, Rain Barrels, ect.)

* 10. List in order (1 thru 5) what you believe are the biggest obstacles that keep people from implementing BMPs on their property? ONE being the biggest obstacle to Five being the least obstacle.

* 11. Have you been impacted by flooding?

* 12. List in order (1 thru 4) what you believe is the biggest contributor towards flooding issues in your area? ONE being the biggest contributor to FOUR being the least contributor.

* 13. What concerns you about the condition of the lakes, creeks, ponds, and wetlands in your area?  (choose all that apply)

* 14. What is the best way for you to get information about water quality projects and programs?

* 15. Are you willing to pay for projects to improve water quality?

* 16. As a thank you, we are offering a prize drawing of a $100 gift card.  To be entered in the drawing you must submit this completed survey along with your contact information below.  Your name and contact information will only be used for the drawing.  Any other use will remain confidential and not attached to your survey answers.   If you have further questions please contact the Heron Lake Watershed District Office at 507-793-2462 or email Ross Behrends at ross.behrends@noblesswcd.org . Thank you!