Housing Survey for Delaware Nation citizens residing in Manufactured Homes (MH)

Survey available until April 19, 2024

Please be sure to answer all questions in order for you data to be included in this research. All information is confidential and not linked to your name or other personal information.
1.Are you an enrolled citizen or member of a Federally Recognized Tribe in the United States?
2.What Federally Recognized Tribe are you enrolled with?
3.What County and State do you reside in?
4.Please choose the best description of your current living situation
5.Does your residence have a tornado shelter?
6.If you reside in a Manufactured Home community, does it have a public accessible tornado shelter?
7.Do you or a family member residing in your Manufactured Home need physical accommodation in your home due to disability or health issue?
8.How many people reside in your Manufactured Home?
9.Which gross income bracket below does your household fall into (total income before tax and deductions)?