The Petawawa Police Services Board is conducting a survey to get YOUR input and opinion on policing services here in Petawawa. 

On your behalf, the Board is mandated to work with the OPP Detachment Commander to:

Ensure the delivery of effective police services here in the Petawawa community; and

Create a local “action plan” that reflects Petawawa residents’ safety-related needs. 

YOU have a VERY IMPORTANT voice in the policing services you receive from the OPP here in Petawawa.  We appreciate your VALUABLE comments about police services and ask you to give us your input by taking the survey.

Surveys will be received until May 1, 2017.  Thank you.

* 1. What is your age?

* 2. What is your gender?

* 3. What is your Postal Code? (optional)

* 4. How well do the statements below reflect your expectations of the policing-related services you receive here in Petawawa?

The Town of Petawawa will be a safe, livable community where citizens can go about their daily activities in an environment without fear, risk of harm or injury.

It is expected that policing services will partner with appropriate resource sectors of the community to work together in a coordinated and collaborative way to promote safety, manage risk, and increase the overall safety of all the Town’s residents and visitors.

* 5. Based on your experience and/or knowledge, please rate how well you feel these core services are being provided to you in Petawawa:

  Well Not well at all Don't Know
Crime prevention – such as public education, news releases, crime updates, community programmes.
Enforcing the law & keeping the peace – community patrol, traffic management, criminal investigations, public order maintenance such as crowd management.
Victim assistance – considering the victims’ rights and treating them and their families with courtesy, compassion and respect.
Emergency response services – such as tactical units or hostage rescue teams.

* 6. I know what I need to:

  Yes No
Keep my home and property safe
Stay safe when out on the street

* 7. Please rate how confident you feel about the OPP's ability to:

  Confident Not confident Don't know
Deal with nuisance complaints
Investigate crime
Protect property
Deal with traffic safety
Respond to community-wide problems
Respond to calls for service

* 8. Promptly reporting dangerous or suspicious activity is a good way to help keep my neighbourhood safe:

* 9. How do you rate your feeling of safety as a resident of Petawawa?

* 10. Which of the following methods are the best ways to get your input on policing services here in Petawawa?

  Probably a good way Not helpful
Specific section identified on the Police Services Board web site
Newspaper survey
On-line survey
Public meetings
Suggestion boxes
Annual telephone survey
Booths at civic events – Civic Centre Days, Showcase, Cabin Fever
Messages through “E-Cop”

* 11. Based on personal experiences where you live in Petawawa, please identify your level of concern with the issues below:

  Very concerned Average degree of concern Not especially concerned
Theft and burglaries
My personal safety
Buying and selling of drugs
Noise and disturbances
Traffic violations

* 12. If you have a serious safety-related policing concern, do you know how and to whom you can report your concerns?