Basic Next Steps Christian Growth Survey

Dear Jesus Follower,
I’m so glad you’ve decided to take this step toward rooting yourself in Christ and growing in love for God, the world and one another.

Mark Twain said “Christianity is a great religion, it’s too bad nobody actually practices it”.   My hope for all of us is that we prove Mark Twain wrong!

Survey Instructions
The survey has 4 questions.  Each question has a number of statements.  Rate how true each statement is of you on a scale of 5 to 1 where 5 is very true of you and 1 is not very true of you. 

Your survey results will be confidential and viewed only by Pastor Randy, an Elder or your Encourager.

Question Title

* 1. When you think about your experience and practice of worship, which is most true about you today?

  1 2 3 4 5
I attend worship almost every Sunday.
When I worship, I experience the presence of God
Prayers, scripture, meditation, worship music are a regular part of my life during the week.
Worship often inspires, encourages, comforts, helps me understand, or challenges me to change.
I understand the elements of worship. It flows and makes sense to me.
My personal preferences about worship are less important than those of other people and ultimately what's pleasing to God.

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* 2. When you think about your relationships with other Christians, which is most true of you?

  1 2 3 4 5
Most of the time I’m part of at least one small group or class which builds my faith.
I have close friends who consistently and intentionally influence my Christian growth.
I have at least one close friend who I’ve asked to hold me accountable to live my Christian faith, and is free to confront me if I sin.
I diligently follow the Biblical guidelines for handling conflict, and almost always start by talking directly to the person first.
I regularly participate in retreats, mission trips, ministry groups or other experiences that created a deep bond with fellow Christians.
I intentionally help and encourage people live the Christian life.
I understand the importance and value of Christian community and I'm willing to invest time in Christian relationships.

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* 3. Thinking of your Christian faith practices (discipleship), which most accurately describes you?

  1 2 3 4 5
For me, following Jesus includes a constant process of growth and becoming like Jesus.
I have a practice of reading the Bible regularly, about 4 to 6 days a week.
I have a fairly thorough knowledge of the Bible’s content, characters, and themes.
For me the Bible is the final authority about what I believe and how I live.
I pray often, find myself listening to and responding to God regularly.
I prayerfully seek God’s guidance as a way of life.
I believe nothing I do or have done can earn my salvation.
Love for God is central to my life. I love God more than anything or anybody.
My relationship with Jesus is the most important relationship in my life. It guides everything I do.
My world-view has been thoroughly informed by the Bible.

Question Title

* 4. When you think of your personal purpose, and the mission of the Church, which is most true about you?

  1 2 3 4 5
I’m committed to and regularly participate in a ministry that meets needs in my local community.
For at least some of my friends, I have intentionally come to understand whether or not they know and believe in Jesus.
I am personally involved in a ministry or program which has resulted in people becoming Christians.
I have personally played a key role in helping someone become a Christian.
I make it a regular practice to invite people to worship, events or activities that will expose them to Jesus and God’s grace in their life.
I know most of the spiritual gifts. I know what my gifts are. I’m putting those gifts to use serving God and people.
I regularly sense God’s love for people in need. I consistently act out that compassion directly and / or through a ministry.
I have a clear sense of call and personal mission from God. I’m passionate about it and engaged in it.

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* 5. Please "sign" your survey