Arlington Heights Elementary School

At Arlington Heights Elementary we strive to provide every student with the best educational opportunities. Your satisfaction and participation in your child's education is important to us. We want to give your child the best quality education in a safe and friendly school atmosphere. We’d appreciate it if you would spend a few moments filling out this questionnaire. Thank you for helping us make Arlington Heights Elementary a better school.

* 1. My overall satisfaction with the events held at the school this year.

* 2. I have attended the evening events at the school this year.

* 3. If you have not, please let us know what has prevented you from attending.

* 4. What would encourage you to attend our evening events?

* 5. What suggestions do you have for new evening events next year?

* 6. Communication by the school is timely and helpful.

* 7. How well do you think our school provides information to families on how to monitor and discuss schoolwork at home?

* 8. What does our school do really well?

* 9. What could our school improve on?

* 10. How do you prefer to get information from school?