What is a Community Improvement District (CID)? 
A CID is a public improvement model that brings neighborhood property owners together to share in the costs and benefits of added services and facilities. Those who pay into the CID also govern its scope and goals. The district is a separate legal entity, distinct and apart from the municipality that creates it.
A CID can be non-profit corporation or a separate political subdivision of the state that may be created for the purpose of issuing bonds, levying taxes, and applying special assessments to finance public improvements, public services, and blight removal within a defined area.
Why do we need a CID?
Property and business owners in our neighborhood have a significant interest in encouraging the neighborhood’s growing momentum. They know the security and attractiveness of the neighborhood protects investments. Local residents, employees, and neighborhood visitors all enjoy the benefits that increased services and physical improvement projects bring to a community.
What are the boundaries? 
The northern boundary for the West End South CID is the Hodiamont Tracks, the western edge of the district is Hodiamont, the southern border is Enright, and it extends east and stops at the Ruth C Porter mall.   

Boundary Map

What's next?
We want to hear from you! We are a collection of neighbors in the West End, and are in the process of planning for the creation of a CID. This CID will bring new dollars into our community, and we want your input on how these dollars should be spent.
Your input is important to us, and essential to the process of creating the CID for our community. Your feedback and priorities will be recorded through the use of this survey online, as well as during the feedback received during community meetings we will hold later this year.  

It is important that your voice is heard. In order to help us make the best decisions for our community we are asking that you either; own property, a business, or live within the boundary to fill out our survey. If you do not live within the boundary you will have an opportunities in the future to voice your opinion for the West End South CID.   

Disclaimer: The contents of this survey will be used for summary purposes only. Responses as well as any personal demographic information volunteered will be stored anonymously and not linked to respondent contact information. 


Question Title

* 1. Which block do you; own a property, business, or live on?