Please fill in this form to apply for the 2018 WELA Program. 

If you have any difficulties with this application, or would like a Word doc or hard copy application form email or phone India Prior on 0403 198 959. 

* 1. Contact details

* 2. Please describe your current involvement in environmental campaigning and/or leadership

* 3. Why are you applying for the WELA program? What particular knowledge or skills do you want to acquire or strengthen?

* 4. What is your current thinking about women and leadership issues in the environment movement?

* 5. How do you expect to apply the skills and knowledge you acquire through the WELA Program? How will you share what you learn with other women?

* 6. How do you think you are suited to participate in a series of experiential learning workshops focusing on leadership with a cohort of 20 other women environmentalists?

* 7. Registration Fees
Registration fees cover all costs associated with participation in the Program and its three residential workshops (12 days). It includes travel support for those who need it, all food and lodging for the three workshops, and all materials, course time and mentorship time. We prefer if you are able to pay on registration but are also open to payment in instalments through the year. A very limited number of scholarships are available – we encourage you to undertake your own fundraising to cover your fees. If seeking sponsorship and donations please note that WELA is auspiced by the Green Institute, donations to the Green Institute are tax deductible.

Please check as many boxes as apply to your circumstances.

* 8. Organisational support (if applicable)
Does your organisation support your participation in WELA 2017? Please note that organisational support is important in terms of time away from the workplace to attend retreats and management of workload in those periods.

* 9. Diversity
WELA aims to gather a diverse cohort across age, location, parts of the environment movement, identities and backgrounds. Please tick as many identities/backgrounds as apply to you. This question is to help us gather a diverse cohort but not finding yourself in this list doesn't mean you won't be welcome at WELA.

* 10. Age
One of the strengths of WELA is the opportunity for inter-generational dialogue and learning. Please let us know your age so we can ensure a mix of ages in the cohort.

* 11. Referee 1
Please provide the names and contact details of two people we can speak with about your environment movement experience and eligibility for the WELA 2018 Program.

* 12. Referee 2

* 13. CV
Please upload a CV with details of education and experience. Don't have a CV that's relevant to your environment movement participation, or not sure how to upload? Don't let that be a barrier to applying. If you leave this section empty we'll follow up with you.

DOCX, DOC, JPEG, GIF, JPG, PDF, PNG file types only.
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* 14. Final words
Is there anything else you would like to say in support of your application? Do you have any questions for the organisers?