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* 1. How would you rate the current business climate in:

  1 - Terrible 2 3 4 5 - Amazing Not sure
Washington County area
Iowa's Creative Corridor (greater CR/IC)
State of Iowa

* 2. Did you know this about Washington County?

Our population has grown by 570+ since 2010 (to 22,280)
Our Laborforce hit an all-time high of 12,900 in Fall 2016
Jobs grew by 24% (1,600) since 2001, an all-time high of 8,500 in 2016
Avg. Family Income is ranked #17 in Iowa ($70,000) in 2015
Retail Sales increased 56% since 2006 to $194 million
Is #1 Solar County in Iowa (4+ Megawatts)
Is Iowa's #1 CRP (Conservation Reserve Program) County
(with Johnson Co.) is Iowa's #1 Organic production area
Is #2 Hog production County in Iowa (#5 in US) with 1 million hogs
Is #1 "Cover Crop" County in Iowa

* 3. If you could recommend one person or business from your network that WEDG should connect with, who would that be?

* 4. How important are these areas of Economic Development to Washington County today?

  1- Low Priority 2 3 4 5 - Top Priority Not sure
Encouraging Residential Development
Assistance to Entrepreneurs
New Commercial/Industrial Lots
Workforce Development & Workforce Pipeline
Assist Employers to Recruit & Retain Workforce
Redevelopment/Rehabilitation of Existing Buildings
Education & Employer Connections
Training programs for Skills, Leadership, Strategy
Promoting our Community in the Creative Corridor or Iowa
Promoting area Value-Added Agriculture
Government Tax Incentives for Industry
Low interest business loans

* 5. What is one thing WEDG could do to help improve the Washington County area's environment for Economic Development?

* 6. What sector describes your business?

* 7. Are you, or have you been a WEDG investor?

* 8. Optional but much Appreciated: Please provide your name and business.