Application Form

Before completing and submitting this form, please ensure that you have (i) read,  understood, and agreed with its content as well as the Challenge’s description, evaluation criteria, requirements for participation, and other terms and conditions in the Challenge Brief and Terms and conditions, and (ii) you are authorized to submit this form and participate in the “2022 WEA Digital Innovation Challenge” on behalf of your Institution/Organization. By submitting this form you represent that both conditions (i) and (ii) above are met.   

Only submissions received before 5 pm Central Eastern Time on the deadline date mentioned on the website will be considered. 

Shortly after your submission is received, the basic description and title of your submitted digital innovation solution will appear on the Digital Innovation Ecosystem Network. Depending on circumstances there may be a delay between the receipt of your submission and the update of the platform.

For any questions please email: 

Note: The application contains open-ended questions you may need to prepare beforehand. To access the questions before submitting, download here
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