Collecting feedback from our internal and external stakeholders is a critical component of Symantec's approach to corporate responsibility. Please review our 2013 Corporate Responsibility Report at, then take a few moments to answer these questions. The results will help us refine our focus areas and make improvements to corporate responsibility projects and programs.

To thank you for your time and thoughtful commentary, we're making a $50,000 USD donation to one of four charitable projects, and you get to tell us where it goes! The very last survey question describes the projects, each of which align to one of Symantec's philanthropic focus areas of science, technology, engineering, and math education; diversity; online safety; and environmental responsibility.

Thank you for being a part of our corporate responsibility process!

* 1. With what stakeholder group do you most closely identify?

* 2. How would you rate Symantec's performance on:

  Excellent Good, but needs improvement Fair, but lags others in industry Lags most companies in its industry Not enough information in this report Don't know
Employee satisfaction & talent management
Diversity & inclusion
Protecting against cybercrime
Online safety
Environmental performance
Promoting privacy
Responsible sourcing
Human rights practices
Community investment

* 3. Which section of the 2013 Corporate Responsibility Report did you find most interesting?

* 4. What topics or issues are missing from the 2013 CR Report? What should we consider including in future reports?

* 5. Symantec periodically interviews stakeholders for more in-depth insight into our corporate responsibility priorities and performance. If we can contact you for this purpose, please provide the information below.