Questionnaire to Evaluate EQ, BQ and MQ in Children

Communications Skills are key to an individual's long term success. These skills are also important for children to be good collaborators, self-educators and problem solvers. Individuals who have good Emotional Intelligence (EQ), Body Intelligence (BQ) and Moral Intelligence (MQ) are able to interact well with other people of all ages and backgrounds. 

The following questions have been designed for children age 2-8 years in mind with the help of psychologists and psychiatrists in the field of cognitive child development. Please answer these as they relate to your child. This should take less than 5 minutes to complete. 

Disclaimer: This is just a survey and does not make any diagnosis. These measurements are built using our proprietary methodology leveraging research in EQ, BQ and MQ.

* 1. What is the age of your child (years)?

* 2. Is your child a boy or a girl?

* 3. My child can interact with children of similar age:

* 4. My child is able to communicate to me what he/she wants and feels:

* 5. My child is happy and displays affection with all age groups:

* 6. My child can wait for a surprise or gift especially if waiting results in a bigger reward:

* 7. My child can comfort people of different age groups:

* 8. My child likes to exercise and be active: